Internet access at no charge!

Broadband WLAN is available in all rooms (ADSL2 +).

Alternatively, you can use the Telekom HotSpots to establish a WLAN connection to the Internet.
This means that you can use two independent Internet Networks, a redundant system is available in all rooms.

Business travelers have the opportunity to choose between the two systems, should the access be canceled for a short time.

You have the option to use the hotel’s wireless broadband network (ADSL 2+) to establish Internet access (Hotel HotSpot).
This access is FREE for you!

Furthermore, we have a hot spot in the hotel from T-Com. This means that you can use your home access (HotSpot rate) via WLAN to access the network from almost anywhere in the hotel without any charges!
The current prices, tariffs and information can be found on the Deutsche Telekom hotspot website at